WA:IT HITO Roll On 10mL

WA:IT HITO Roll On 10mL

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In the era of productivity, denials and rationalizations, the real challenge is to stay present and observe, to wait, and absorb. WA:IT is a symbiosis of two cultures – Japanese and Italian, an embodiment of a duality of beauty.​ WA:IT is a Clean-Mindful-Sustainable-Botanical Beauty brand.​​The beauty of life is dual as a paradox of stillness and motion. To feel it, you have to WA:IT and comprehend that the eternal beauty is in the moment. WA:IT is not a movement towards gain or loss but an invitation to conscious stillness and absolute presence. MADE TO ELEVATE THE PERCEPTION OF NATURAL BEAUTY

WA:IT values natural ingredients, effective formulations, no synthetics or harmful components, sustainable materials, raw materials from ethical sourcing.  

WA:IT’s 5 phases ritual is designed to take care of our soul’s temple.

“Life starts with a breath, opening your eyes, sensing, and feeling the surroundings”. Breathing is living, and that’s why WA:IT’s first release is a fragrance called ‘HITO’. HITO is a perfume that guides, that sails one’s spirit to the new lands."

All WA:IT products are connected through the scent – the symbolic presence of the smell of fig.

The mix of natural active ingredients has been chosen to enhance the skin’s natural ability to recover resiliency.

WA:IT is created by Raffaella Grisa, an advocate of mindful clean beauty culture. The organic beauty care brand WA:IT is her manifestation, a personal project that reflects her life philosophy and meanings found along traveling the world and encountering various cultures. Grisa created WA:IT to express herself and start a new life with the very first action – breath.

The brand principles are founded on the holistic approach towards life and rituals, Self-awareness, and the conscious perception of one’s natural beauty. Through this self-realization path the brand has chosen their ingredients of nature that are rooted in Japanese traditional medicine. These oil extracts have been discovered in Japan and have been used for ages in ancient beauty ceremonies. Happiness is attained through fidelity to a worthy purpose, and WA:IT is committed to creating and producing 100% sustainable clean beauty products –from ingredients and formulation to the packaging. 100% vegetable origin ingredients. Formulation excludes the components that can be harmful to the environment. The choice of the suppliers of raw materials has been executed through a fair trade approach, in order to guarantee both – environmental and socio-economic sustainability. The packaging, in addition to being entirely recyclable and biodegradable, has the FSC certification, which guarantees the origin of the cardboard from responsible sources. Glass bottles and wooden caps are entirely recyclable. Aluminum vases are entirely recyclable and reusable. The paper labels are 100% tree free and totally recycled to save energy and preserve the trees, HITO perfume labels are made with algae  from the Venice lagoon, whose proliferation would put at risk the lagoon’s fragile ecosystem, using biowaste to preserve the environment.

100% made in Italy