The River - Straw
The River - Straw
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The River - Straw

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I found her by the river. She looked at me and turned away, smiling. 

  • Woven black straw
  • Black velvet bow band
  • Leather inner band
  • Silky Lining

|| S/M 55.5cm ||  M/L 57 cm || L/XL 59cm ||

II CROWN 120 mm II 75 mm BRIM II



Lay your hat upside down when setting it on a surface, rather than laying it down on its brim. This is important, since laying your hat on its brim could cause your hat to flatten or otherwise lose its shape.

Hang your hat on a hat hanger or place it in a hat box when storing it overnight or longer. This will help your hat to maintain its overall shape.

Grab your hat by the crown, not by the brim, when removing it from your head. This will help maintain the shape of the brim.

Avoid exposing your hat to high heat or humidity, as this could damage the felt fibers. For example, do not place your hat near a stove, heater or in a hot vehicle.

Flip up the sweatband of your hat after your hat has become damp from sweat, rain or hair products. To do this, lay your hat upside down on a flat surface and flip up the band found around the inside of the hat. Allow the hat to dry completely before it is worn again.

Felt and Straw

Pick the sizing closest to your measurement, the beautiful thing about wool felt and our cotton and leather inner bands is how they will shape to your head, so if you head is a bit larger than the measurement the hat will stretch or if its a little bit smaller your hat will settle to fit nicely as you wear it. The softer the fit is is described  the more quickly your hat will shape to you.

S/M     54 - 55 cm 

M/L     56 - 57 cm

L/XL    58 - 59 cm