Izipizi Screen Glasses H (+0)-izipizi-Bristle by Melissa Simmonds

Izipizi Screen Glasses H (+0)

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Colour your world with a pair of colourful, lightweight screen protective glasses from IZIPIZI.

Did you know? Computer and television LED screens emit blue light, also known as HEV (High Energy Visible) light. This light can cause headaches, sore eyes and, in the long run, eye damage.

IZIPIZI Screen glasses reduce these effects by filtering out 40% of the blue light emitted by LED screens.* They're fashionable and comfortable, too! Frames are available in a range of colours. Each pair is packaged in a card gift box with soft felt pouch.

Frame type: H


  • Flexible hinges
  • Packaged in card gift box with soft felt pouch
  • Lightweight

*40% of HEV rays emitted between 400 and 460nm