Cushion Cover Wool 30cm-Better World Arts-Bristle by Melissa Simmonds

Cushion Cover Wool 30cm

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Cushion Cover Wool (30cmx30cm) - CROSS CULTURAL PROJECT

Aboriginal Artwork translated with ‘Gabba’ Chain-Stitch  This is a traditional Kashmiri handicraft and important to the local economy. This work is produced in remote villages. Wool is dyed in situ and groups of people gather in local homes surrounded by family and friends to work. The stitching is done by hand and using an ‘aari’, a sharp hooked tool similar to a crochet hook. Finished rugs and cushions are washed in nearby streams.

 Artist: Andrea Adamson Tiger

Andrea tells us about the seven sisters and their travels through the country as they are pursued by Wati (Man) Nyiru. Nyiru fell in love with the sisters, and even though they were of the wrong skin name, he was desperate to make them his. As the women fled from Wati Nyiru they created the country and landscape around Andrea’s home, Mala.