Corkcicle Stemless 12oz - Turquoise-Corkcicle-Bristle by Melissa Simmonds

Corkcicle Stemless 12oz - Turquoise

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The Corkcicle Stemless is the ultimate way to drink on the go while keeping and looking cool. We personally prefer it for a nice glass of cab or chardonnay, but it really does work beautifully for beverages of every kind. Suitable for cold or hot beverages.

Ashley Woodson Bailey's "florography" contrasts delicate foraged flowers with dramatic composition to create high definition art for the modern dweller.

  • Keeps cold drinks cool for 9 hours, and hot drinks for 3. 
  • Includes sliding, shatterproof lid 
  • Triple insulated for the perfect chill 
  • Slip-proof, silicone bottom 
  • Easy grip, flat sides *