åsø Leather Earring Pair 7

åsø Leather Earring Pair 7

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ÅSØ invites you to explore the collection of sculptural statement earrings. One of a kind, handmade and designed in Australia, from luxurious leather and 925 sterling silver. The selection of asymmetric earrings creates an endless opportunity and makes each outfit wonderfully unique.


ÅSØ is a Brisbane based leather design studio that launched in 2019 and it is the creation of German architect, engineer, designer Sabine Michaelis. Sabine worked and lived in Europe, America, Middle East and Australia and she   is creatively inspired by her international travels, culture, art, fashion and photography.


ÅSØ ‘s priority is to produce high quality, innovative designs using natural materials that can be worn and used for many years. No ÅSØ leather earring is the same, it will age beautifully, deepen in colour and get softer over time.   ÅSØ desires to have a minimal environmental impact so it’s packaging is made from entirely recycled materials.



Material:          100% luxurious double sided Nappa leather with black edge finish + 925 Sterling Silver

Colour:            Black

Weight:            Under 1g / per earring

Size:                85mm x 60mm / 85mm x 50mm

Style code:      00.03_BL / 00.17_BL


Made in Australia